Each member has an obligation to train for the highest level of proficiency to reduce the risk associated with piloting. The FAA and the flying club set policies and regulations to maintain a degree of safety, but it is the pilot’s responsibility to improve his or her skills.

The FAA and AOPA sponsor programs and seminars for the benefit of general aviation pilots. The FAA Safety Team (FAAST) is improving the Wings Program, and requesting pilots to start using the website. Members are encouraged to enroll in the new Wings Program. FAAST also has a learning center for on-line courses.

AOPA Air Safety Foundation partners with the FAA in general aviation safety. Safety seminars are held in Rockford twice each year. All members are encouraged to attend.

Blackhawk Flying Club has a list of approved certified flight instructors who are authorized to instruct members in club aircraft. The club has rules for proficiency check rides in addition to the FAR’s. Members are required to complete the check rides to maintain flying status. Members can fly with an approved instructor to complete a certificate, rating, check ride, biannual, or phase in the Wings Program.

AVEMCO is the insurance company for Blackhawk Flying Club. AVEMCO promotes recurrent training as a proven means to reduce aviation accidents. They offer a rewards program for single owner policies, however club members can review AVEMCO’s guidelines for training information.