Members of the Blackhawk Flying Club are interested in flying as a hobby, and join to participate in the club’s operation, become a private pilot or learn new skills, fly together, provide support for new pilots, and share expenses with other members. Membership is limited to permit scheduling, while maintaining reasonable costs. For more information on membership, see the membership page of this website.

Corporate Structure

Blackhawk Flying Club is a social/recreational club, operating under the General Not For Profit Corporation Act of 1986, and IRS rules for organization type 501(c)(7). The club functions under by-laws and membership rules, and is managed by an elected group of members serving as directors and officers.
    Reference Publications:
       1) Illinois Guide for Organizing Not-For-Profit Corporations, 2011
       2) IRS Publication 557, Tax Exempt Status for Your Organization, 2010 


The club’s aircraft are owned and operated by the membership. Our aircraft are used for recreational purposes and training.  Only members are permitted to fly club aircraft, except certified flight instructors, for the purpose of training members. For more information on aircraft, see the aircraft page of this website.


Blackhawk Flying Club is based at Chicago/Rockford International Airport (formally Greater Rockford Airport) in Rockford, Illinois. See the airport page of this website.